Singing Bowls Guide

Cultural Retention in Modern Singing Bowls


Meditation and healing can be best done through the use of singing bowls. These are actually items as well as a belief that originated from Himalayan cultures including Tibet, India, Bhutan, and Nepal. However, modern times have adopted this culture. It is even a common item in Yoga classes that effectively enhances the effect of the activity. In addition to that, singing bowls became part of aesthetics. Collectors and homeowners made this as a part of their home modification ideas. Apart from meditation purposes and even healing, this becomes an excellent decorative element. Besides, singing bowls are really nice to look at. How would anyone not feel great and possibly get healed from physical, emotional, and even spiritual ailments by just looking at these beautiful singing bowls?


The original singing bowls are made out of gold, silver, copper, iron, and other metals. Some ancient cultures would even claim that there could be items which are created from objects of the outer space like the meteorite. But whatever it is made of, these are believed to be beneficial for all of the people who are trying to use it regularly. 


In today's world, singing bowls are developed to cater not only the culture and belief but also aesthetics. If you consider visiting internet sites of online shops such as the Silver Sky Imports, you may see great selections of crystal silver bowls. These bowls may also appear in different sizes, some will have eight inches in diameter, but others may reach up to twenty eight inches and possibly more.


Some of the singing bowls in the market are modern but are antique finish. These are specially made by singing bowl manufacturers and suppliers since original ancient items are difficult to find these days and there are still a lot of collectors who prefer the antique look.


Modern singing bowls from can be made also by filling metal into a cast. But there are also pieces that are hammered. The prior method of making singing bowls is believed to produce smoother bowls that can be simpler to play. On the other hand, hammered singing bowls are a little bit difficult to play and usually regarded as the most ancient method of making singing bowls.


There is also another way to make singing bowls and this is through modern machines. The result might be as good as the handmade methods or probably better (for some collectors), but are significantly lower in terms of the price. Perhaps, the most important factor that makes a handmade singing bowl appealing to people as well as pricey, would just be on the value of manual labor. Visit this website if you have questions.